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Live aboard - Caribbean
Re: Copper epoxy/copper
10/07/2006 19:42

Our cat was coated with Copperbot (now called Coppercoat) 10 years ago and apart from the odd patch repair nothing special done to it. We've just completed a season in the Carib and a year in the water and we're very pleased with it.
Copper epoxy is a good investment in my opinion


North Scotland
Re: Copper epoxy/copper treatment
10/07/2006 19:05

Our experience: 4 coats of 'Copperbot' (now called Coppercoat) on newly finished epoxy have now completed ten seasons. It was one of the best things we have ever done for the boat. Copper has given good service on the hull, needing only a pressure wash on lifting, and a very light hand-rub over with a piece of 600 wet/dry paper before launch (less than an hour for a 10m hull) to remove some weathered oxide and 'reactivate' the coating.


Vyv cox

Posts: 4356
North Wales, sailing in Mediterranean
Re: Copper Coat on drying mooring, ChichestHarbour ?
#1665656 - 29/11/2007 16:36

My keel has been Coppercoated (actually Copperbot but these seem to be the same thing) for the past 10 years. In that time I have never had fouling on it, never sanded it back and basically ignored it. The hull, conventionally antifouled, has attracted all sorts of fouling. Rust has now penetrated beneath the keel coating in a big way, necessitating grit blasting and recoating with epoxy.
I have bought more Coppercoat for the antifouling.


Peel, Isle of Man.
Re: Coppercoat instead of antifoul 30/05/2007 23:38
I've used Coppercoat on two boats and have been pleased with the results. It does pretty much what it says on the...er...plastic bottle.
UK waters it seems to work much as well as a good conventional antifoul. So, as other posts note, it needs pressure-washing at lift-out and perhaps lightly abrading before lift-in. The attraction is more than financial. Who wants to apply antifoul annually if they don't have to?


Re: 10-year copper-based antifoulings
28/02/2006 09:35

Copperbot (now called Coppercoat) eight years on and still going strong. Light abrade with a scrub-all once a year and off it goes again.
Would never use annual rubbish again.


Arabian Gulf
Re: Copper  epoxy/copper treatment
10/07/2006 17:43

Have used Coppercoat for 11 years now, was originally called Copperbot, after 8 years I applied an extra coat. Great stuff, as the previous post mentioned just a jet-wash and light sand and your back in business.
Incidentally my boat is in year round.


Re: DIY copper-enriched antifoul - interim report: So far so good
22/06/2005 19:37

Coppercoat is a two pack epoxy with the hefty amount of copper in, I did a Colvic 28 nine plus years ago and its still spot on, took the hull down to bare GRP lightly sanded 3 coats of gelshield and two coats of Copper coat.



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Loc: kefalonia ,
Re: copper coat
#1850745 - 07/05/2008 20:23

yes anton, i use copper /bot/coat a/f in the ionian and although 10 years old this year was still working fairly well. i have just re-done it this week and expect it to be even better . i have been very satisfied with it in greece i cant see how the temperature has anything to do with its effectiveness ? copper oxide is copper oxide at whatever temperature its at ...


South and East UK
Re: Reference the recent Coppercoat threads.
great product no problems after 4 years, and we dont come out for a spray off - all you doubters eat your hearts out - 10 - 15 years between anti fouls must be good news - best £600 spent on boating ever.


East Coast
Re: Coppercoat - any experiences? 17/05/2005 15:50

Crianza was antifouled with Coppercoat from new and is now in her third season. I agree with other posters - it works. The boat stays in the water all year long and I dry the boat out once a year (at the start of the season) and powerwash off the hull. It usually has light slime and some minor weed around the water line. Otherwise it is as good as new. Its quite tough stuff so it resists scuffs and the occasional contact with floating objects.


Northern Tyrrenian Sea
Re: Reference the recent Coppercoat threads.
      05/09/2007 21:21

I applied CCoat on a virgin hull, after cleaning, washing and preparing it for the application.
After one year in Marina di Carrara (Italy) harbour, where mussel grow happily over the warps and moorings, I experienced NO mussels, very few algae, some 1 mm barnacles a a few patches of "white coral".
All was removed while bathing with the hard plastic side of a 3M Scotchbrite pad.
Previous boat with 3 hands of AF on the bottom and 4 on the water line would have had a few undred kilos of barnacles, mussels and vegetation.


Jonny H
Re: Thoughts on what to do with 10 year old Coppercoat....? 26/04/2007 10:36

We just bought a boat with Copperbot (now called Coppercoat) - again 10 years old.

The owners said its fine still. They have a small tub of mix which they use to each winter to patch up areas which are very thin. They then just rub the whole hull over with a brillo pad.

We did the same thing (we bought her out of the water) - touched in the parts the surveyor had scraped with some more Coppercoat - and launched her. Seems ok so far.

The one thing I would think about was when to rub the hull over (ours was done in December and not launched until March - I think this is too long and it may loose effectiveness - next year I will give her a good rub down the day she goes in)



Aqua Sulis
Re: Copperbot and the like
20/09/2005 21:25

I helped friends apply Copperbot (now called Coppercoat) to their 45' hull three years ago, and they've been doing 'The Atlantic Circuit' ever since. They've had to wipe off slime here and there, and took opportunity of helpers to 'burnish' a bit.
No problems reported at all.


new user

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Re: Coppercoat Anti Fouling
#1833418 - 22/04/2008 16:19

Mine was put on in 1999 and still comes up like new. Nice and smooth...

No real growth in a season, certainly not worse than traditional antifoul

In terms of after care, all I do is a quick flick over with some wet and dry every other year to re-excite it. It Seems a lot less work than "normal" anti foul.

Not sure of the economics but I guess if you are looking to keep her for a few years it will pay for itself?...
cant harm the resale value either.


Scotland - Black Isle
Re: Copper  epoxy/copper treatment
10/07/2006 17:30

Shanty is now in her seventh season since being Copper coated. It’s still going strong - just needs a quick blast with the pressure washer at crane out to shift a light coat of slime, and a light rub down in the spring before crane in.

A great system - go for it.


Re: Antifouling paint
18/11/2005 11:02

We've Coppercoat on our 46 footer - and ours is parked in
Mallorca after 6 months cruising the med (with exceptionally warm waters this year) - and bottoms clean as.


Weymouth UK
Re: coppercoat antifouling
09/08/2005 22:47

I bought a boat in 2003, which had been copperbot'ed (now called Coppercoat) in 1998.

She was lifted and cleaned for survey in 2003 - I didn't see the state of the hull before cleaning -, and again in 2005 (two seasons' worth in Weymouth harbour - shame on me)

Props, rudder and keel which had been painted with conventional antifoul were covered in barnacles and tube worms, and even a rather nice orange sponge, but the hull which had been copperbotted was completely free of any hard fouling - it just had some slimy green algal growth which came off clean with a pressure washer.

Can't say if it will last the ten years, but going strong after seven.



Posts: 5342
Re: Coppercoat Anti Fouling

I did it about three years ago on the recommendations of Mr Bale and for once he got something right. I would also recommend it. It does what it says on the tin (or pot and bag.....)




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Loc: French Canals 2007 on,
Re: copper coat
#1854103 - 10/05/2008 19:23

I put mine on in 2002, based in
Greece; now in the French canals. A few barnacles for last seven months in salt water but still good. Never abraded.

As to hot weather, the problem that I had was putting it on before the material goes too hard to paint, especially on the side of the hull in the sun.
Plan your project with care.


Chichester Harbour
Re: Copper antifoulings
07/12/2005 18:30
We applied Coppercoat, a DIY application in March of 2005. Coppercoat was applied over two coats of ME100 epoxy coating. The reason for our choice was:

The cost of lift out/relaunch etc plus normal antifouling IS expensive, not to mention all the hard work of applying the stuff.

We wanted to leave the boat in the water all year round, hence the epoxy barrier.

Why chose Coppercoat? Well, a good friend of mine had Coppercoat applied to his new boat professionally two years ago. He had it applied professionally as the boat had to be launched in Feb and the only way to get the boat undercover was to contract out the job. He used Coppercoat as it had worked very well, DIY applied on his previous boat for many years. A good recommendation.

When we put our boat onto the scrubbing piles in Sept there was a little weed at the water line and some slime. The weed was most evident on the bow facing the sun. The slime was much the same we used to get on our Blakes eroding antifoul. 20 minutes or so with a pressure washer had all the slim off, back to a clean hull.

For me it looks like it works. At least this winter there will be no antifouling routine with the associated cost. The whole job, for blasting, ME100 epoxy and the Coppercoat came out at about £1500 for a 35ft boat, plus two days over a weekend for application. If you are lucky enough to have a yard that will lift your boat cheaply, then Coppercoat may not provide much of a saving, but for me the whole exercise will be covered within three years.


09-03-2007, 20:57
Vale of Glamorgan
Hi cascars, I took my mates advice and used Coppercoat and have had no problems with it the 3 yrs it’s been on except for a bit of slime when she has sat for a while. you have to key the hull and taking a sander to your pride and joy is a bit daunting lucky for me she was 2nd hand when I got mine my mates was brand spanking warrior 175


Re: Epoxy/coppercoat contractors - Gosport10/08/200616:02

Hi John
Still pleased with it 2 years on, boat is in the water mostly all year round so same again just a blast off with a pressure washer although I used the Sealift in Cowes and it came up great !
Probably have a go with some wet and dry paper to re-activate it again in a couple of years, but def worth it!
No nasty scraping and painting each year.


Chichester Harbour
Cuprotect not that great then?
09/01/2007 22:19

A report in Feb YM by Dick Durham says that the Cuprotect that was applied to 'Powder Monkey', his Contessa 32, has not worked, in fact much slim and weed has also helped barnacles to grow in several areas. This is despite the boat being kept in a fast flowing tidal stream.

Interesting, because I had thought about Cuprotect before using Coppercoat. Whilst in what was recognised as a particularly bad year for fouling, 2 boats including ours that I know of using Coppercoat, only suffered heavy silting plus weed at the water line, this is despite being kept in a marina with brackish water. Not bad seeing that Coppercoat cost me less than a third the price of the Cuprotect.


14/06/2005 15:30
Hauled out at the weekend after fifteen months in the water. This is the first haul out after the application of Coppercoat and I'm impressed. The boat was barely used last year and has (so far) had little use this season. There was no shell fouling, very little slime but some patches of weed fouling. In general I would guess that there was less fouling than in previous years when we had used top of the range conventional anti fouling. As an added bonus the chap who pressure washed her reckoned the fouling was easier to remove than that found on a conventionally antifouled hull - it took him about 30 minutes for a 41 foot hull.

All the usual disclaimers apply - I have no association with the manufacturer or supplier of the product other than as a (so far) satisfied user.



Topic: Hints and Tips from Brightside
14 November 2003 at 19:33

Coppercoat Antifouling. The boat came out after 8 months and was cleaned easily with a hose, deck scrubber and scourer. Only a couple of barnacles. A jet blaster was not needed. A boatyard hand at
Cowes told me he loves the stuff because the bottoms are so easy to clean.


Mor Magh
Re: Copper bottomed - is the jury still out?
09/03/2007 20:41

I have Coppercoat on my gaff cutter and it seemed to do a pretty good job this year, which was generally reckoned to be a bad one for fouling.


Country: UK - England
Town: Saltash, Cornwall
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There are a few of us on here with Coppercoat, I'm one and its brilliant, but you need to add an extra anode to aid those on your engine.
Otherwise hull was clean after 6mths wish I could have said that about the tubes and outdrive leg.


Sub Lieutenant

Posted: 20 September 2006 at 14:53
I have just put Coppercoat onto my new 400. The surface was abraded slightly before the boat went into the water to ensure that the copper beads in the epoxy were exposed. After a few days the waterline was green. This is caused by the copper reacting with the water and shows that it is working. If it doesn't change colour at all, I would suggest that not enough copper has been exposed. After 3 weeks in Dartmouth I cannot see any growth.
In the same time our log has stopped working completely. When I took it out (wet!) I found that the whole unit was a writhing mass of life, tiny weed fronds and 1-2 mm long shrimp like beasties. Does any one know of an antifouling compound or medium to stop this?


Country: UK - Scotland
Occupation: s/e safety boat skip
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have Coppercoat on my rib as well in water all year and hull is still clean



Posts: 657
Loc: Gosport/Europe
Re: Copper anti fouling
#1380691 - 11/03/2007 20:06

I've copperbotted and would certainly recommend.

Sailing is for fun, Engines are for going places.


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Hi Robert

I used an epoxy based

Have read mixed reports about it and it was expensive, but once done thats it for 10 years plus.

Did it, and after 9 months there is zero growth so it looks like it works for me.

Did not do the outdrive which needs cleaning off every month or two.
May antifoul this next summer.

Regards Gary















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